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COREBlog::COREBlog Class Reference

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Detailed Description

COREBlog - A contents-data handler class for Weblog Product for Zope.
   COREBlog has Entries, comments, trackbacks in BTree.
   You can get contents date with some methods, like entry_items,day_entry_items.
   If you want to store entry data, use manage_addEntry().
   Comments,Trackbacks are added via methods in Entry instance.
   COREBlog is also folderish class, has Zope object - DTML,Folder,Image - in it. 

Definition at line 30 of file COREBlog.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def addCategory
def blog_title
def blogurl
def category_entry_items
def category_list
def convertCharcode
def count_blog_comment
def count_blog_trackback
def countEntryOfTheDay
def day_entry_items
def deleteEntry
def deleteTrackback
def entry_items
def get_blogclient_charcode
def get_calendar
def get_charcode
def get_entry
def get_product_version
def get_trackback_charcode
def getCategory
def getEntry
def getMonthName
def manage_addCategory
def manage_addEntry
def manage_deleteCategories
def manage_deleteEntries
def manage_editCategory
def month_archive_items
def month_entry_items
def recatalogEntries
def receive
def removeHTML
def rev_category_entry_items
def rev_comment_items
def rev_day_entry_items
def rev_entry_items
def rev_trackback_items
def validateCommentBody
def validateEntryBody
def validateHTML

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