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def zope-coreblog-1.0::COREBlog::COREBlog::manage_deleteEntries (   self,
  REQUEST = None 

Delete Entries in list(ids)

Definition at line 537 of file COREBlog.py.

00537                                                    :
        """Delete Entries in list(ids)"""
        if type(ids) != ListType:
            raise TypeError,"Paramater 'ids' must be a ListType."
        for id in ids:
            int_id = int(id)
            if not self.entries.has_key(int_id):
                raise ValueError,"A entry(ID:%s) does not exist." % (str(int_id))
        if REQUEST:
            return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['HTTP_REFERER'])

    def setEntry(self,id,obj):

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