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def zope-coreblog-1.0::COREBlog::COREBlog::manage_calculateCategory (   self,
  REQUEST = None 

recalculate category counts

Definition at line 1299 of file COREBlog.py.

01299                                                    :
        """recalculate category counts"""
        for key in self.categories.keys():
            cat = self.categories[key]
        for id in self.entry_list:
            ent = self.getEntry(id)
            if ent.category:
                cat = self.categories[ent.category[0]]

        #reset datemap
        self.datemap = IOBTree()
        objs = self.entry_items()
        for obj in objs:

        if REQUEST:
            return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST['HTTP_REFERER'])

    # Methods for settings

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