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zope-coreblog-1.0::Entry::Entry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class for COREBlog Entries

Definition at line 103 of file Entry.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addComment
def addSendingTrackback
def addTrackback
def blog
def body_size
def checkCommentValues
def comment_list
def count_all_comment
def count_all_trackback
def count_comment
def count_sending_trackback
def count_trackback
def date_created
def day_created
def del_index
def deleteAllComments
def deleteAllTrackbacks
def deleteComment
def deleteComments
def deleteTrackback
def deleteTrackbacks
def editComment
def editTrackback
def entry_category_list
def entry_title
def entry_url
def excerpt_flat
def forgetPersonalInfo
def get_next_entry
def get_previous_entry
def getComment
def getTrackback
def goClose
def goOpen
def index
def index_html
def manage_editEntry
def moderateComment
def moderateComments
def moderateTrackback
def moderateTrackbacks
def month_created
def next_entry_item
def previewComment
def previous_entry_item
def search_text
def sending_trackback_list
def sendPING
def sendTrackback
def set_category
def tbping
def tbpingurl
def trackback_list
def weekday_created
def year_created

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string body_tags_id = "body_tags"
string description = 'COREBlog Entry class'
string icon = 'misc_/COREBlog/entry_img'
tuple manage_comments = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_listCommentForm',globals())
tuple manage_editComment = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_editCommentForm',globals())
tuple manage_editTrackback = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_editTrackbackForm',globals())
tuple manage_main = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_editEntryForm',globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_sendPINGTrackback = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_sendPINGTrackback',globals())
tuple manage_sendTrackback = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_sendTrackback',globals())
tuple manage_trackbacks = HTMLFile('dtml/manage_listTrackbackForm',globals())
string meta_type = 'COREBlog Entry'
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple tbresult = HTMLFile('dtml/trackbackResult',globals())

Private Attributes


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